Based in Paris, Studio Romain Lenancker is dedicated to research and photography. #no3D

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46, Rue Richer
75009 Paris

Studio Manager

Lucie Sgalmuzzo


Designed by Inès Manai

Based in Paris, Studio Romain Lenancker is dedicated to research and photography. #no3D

Art directors don’t come much glossier than Romain Lenancker, as we’ve noted while marking his progress on a near yearly basis over the last couple, and perhaps as a result his unique brand of set design and art direction are basically unrivalled by anybody else in his industry. From creating sand dunes out of cosmetic powder to freezing products in decadently huge blocks of ice and sinking bottles of scent in swathes of black leather, Romain knows exactly what it takes to promote an everyday object from the realms of the ordinary to something altogether more majestic. And majesty is exactly what his ideas possess; all high fashion and luxury in no small measure.

Maisie Skidmore, Editor at Itsnicethat

Paris-based Romain Lenancker is one of those individuals who continues to inspire us with his work in art direction and set design. His portfolio has expanded progressively over the last few years, with everything he produces looking extremely impressive. His commercial work blends aesthetically perfectly with personal projects.
Lenancker is an art director and set designer with an almost unparalleled eye for composition. His portfolio is living proof that it is possible to marry the needs of demanding commissions with arresting, thoughtful imagery. He’s particularly adept at using a limited colour palette to maximum effect, letting his superlative attention to detail capture and hold the viewers’ attention. He works as the Art Director of Intersection Magazine still-life division.

Christoph Van Veghel, Editor at AnotherSomething

Slick and glossy, the work of Romain Lenancker never fails to make us swoon. We featured the art director’s work last year and his still life setups of cosmetics, ice and slinky tubes instantly captured that luxe feeling. This latest update sees Romain continue to execute his mastery in various projects that spotlight orb-like perfume bottles, graphic eye shadows and textured paint tubes.
It’s Nice That art director Jamie McIntyre, a champion of Romain’s originality and approach, says: “In the world of art direction and set design there’s a recurring trend of raw materials on bright Colorama to make abstract compositions, so it’s refreshing to see Romain continue to set the bar by exploring new methods of image making that are unfamiliar and unexpected.”
Working with different photographers and materials means Romain’s work feels exciting and effortlessly cool. His work becomes rich, polished and decadently sophisticated by presenting high-end accessories in a way that elevates them to beautiful works of art.

Rebecca Fulleylove, Editor at Itsnicethat

Romain Lenancker